Alaska’s First Official GeoTrail!

The KMTA GeoTrail is located within the Kenai Mountain-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area.   This GeoTrail contains a total of 23 geocaches including 16 traditional geocaches, 4 multi-caches, 2 puzzle caches, and an Earthcache.  One of the puzzle caches is a bonus cache tied to an Adventure Lab series located in Seward.  

Download the Passport Here

About the Region

This GeoTrail is located within the Kenai Mountain-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area. Be prepared for less-than-ideal or non-existent cell service: download offline maps to your phone for the region and be sure to save any caches you want to find to a downloaded Bookmark List. If you are not a premium member of and don’t have the ability to download lists, we recommend printing the cache pages of the caches you’d like to find.

KMTA’s mission is to recognize, preserve, and interpret the historic, scenic, natural resources, and cultural landscape of the Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm historic transportation corridor. It is the only National Heritage Area in Alaska. National Heritage Areas are places where historic, cultural, and natural resources combine to form cohesive, nationally important landscapes.  Unlike national parks, National Heritage Areas are large lived-in landscapes. Consequently, National Heritage Area entities collaborate with communities to determine how to make heritage relevant to local interests and needs.

Take a tour of the KMTA National Heritage Area

Download our Passport Field Guide

Before you start your journey, you’ll need a copy of our Passport.  This document is available as a PDF file or it may be viewed online.  You’ll need to copy the code word(s) written inside of each geocache container you find along the GeoTrail.  After you have completed the GeoTrail, you’ll be able to submit a photo or a PDF copy of your completed Passport to certify your completion of the GeoTrail.  Anyone who finds at least 20 of the 23 geocaches is eligible to purchase a commemorative geocoin for the GeoTrail.  Those who complete all 23 geocaches will also receive a free pathtag.  Anyone may purchase KMTA GeoTrail pathtags, even if you haven’t visited the GeoTrail yet. 

Download the 23 Geocaches

Most of the region around the KMTA GeoTrail is remote and outside of cellular services.  You will need to download the geocaches to your handheld GPS or GPS-enabled device using an offline list, GPX file, or similar method of download.  You will have access to cellular service with data in Girdwood, Seward, and the Cooper Landing areas.  Most of the road in between these locations will have no service available.  

Visit this sharable Bookmark LIst to see all of the geocaches on this GeoTrail, plus the events that have been associated with it:  KMTA Bookmark List 

Download a Quick Guide for all the geocaches

Download the Passport to record Cache Codes

Download a GPX file of all 23 caches for your GPS

Plan your trip

As this is a remote area of highway, you’ll want to spend some time pre-planning your trip.  Fuel is available in Girdwood, Cooper Landing, and Seward, but nowhere in between.  There is no cellular service in most of the area outside of these towns.  Gear up, fuel up, buddy up, and get out there and enjoy some of Alaska’s outstanding scenery! 

Coming soon!  More info and history!

Download Passport

Download your copy of the passport to guide you through the GeoTrail.  You’ll need to note the code words located in each geocache container as proof that you visited and found each geocache.  The Passport is now available for download!

submit passport

After you have found the geocaches along the GeoTrail and noted the code words from each container, you may submit a photo of your completed passport via an online form.  The passport and online form will become available after the GeoTrail goes live. 

buy your Geocoin

Anyone who completes at least 20 of the geocaches on the GeoTrail is eligible to purchase one of these special commemorative Geocoins. Submit your completed Passport and you’ll be able to order your coin!

Purchase Pathtags

GeocacheAlaska! Inc. has designed and produced a special pathtag to commemorate Alaska’s first GeoTrail!  These are available to purchase in 5-packs.  And if you find all 23 geocaches on the GeoTrail, we’ll send you a free pathtag as a reward!